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Using BI Content to Unlock Additional InfoObjects

Can’t seem to find an InfoObject you’d like to use for your project? If you’re ever in search of the perfect object to use for your BW development, check out your SAP BI Content.

For example, the InfoObject 0DOC_NUM may not be found in your system when you search for it via “Select Objects” in the BI Content tree under the InfoObject tree.

If you need this object in your system you have two options:

  • Create a brand new object using the ‘Z‘ namespace (e.g. ZDOC_NUM)
  • Check to see if it’s available for usage within BI Content but not yet activated

For whatever reason your installation of BW may not have the same BI content objects available.  Not to worry though, you can easily supplement the 0DOC_NUM object with another object that shares the same make up.  



Think of BI content like walking into a giant market of SAP delivered objects.  Each object will have an assigned status:

  • ‘D’ or delivered status means the object is still sitting in the BI Content repository, so it’s not technically reachable by your BW system until you choose to activate it via BI Content
  • M’ or modified status means the object is waiting to be activated in RSA1
  • ‘A’ or active status means you can actually use it for development right now  

Using BI Content, you can easily browse and activate various types of SAP 0′ namespace objects for use in your BW environment instead of making your own custom ‘Z’ objects.  SAP has even provided entire end to end data flows from source to cube.  You just choose a Cube to activate and below the Cube are all the required objects which after you activate, will be useable in your environment. 


For example, if your goal is to create a Document Number InfoObject, SAP may already have this available for use in your system. 0DOC_NUM is a CHAR 10 characteristic object (see screenshot).  You can either manually create a new ZDOC_NUM that looks the same as the screenshot or chose from another object within the BI content repository that is a CHAR 10 (greater than 10 in length is fine too) from within the BI Content section.

One way to discover what your BW environment has available within BI Content for InfoObjects is to go to SAP transaction SE11.  Look for the table called RSDCHABAS (note, the RSDCHABAS table only contains info on InfoObjects of type Characteristic, if you wish to browse another InfoObject type, go to transaction SE11 and wildcard search on “RSD*“).  View the table contents:

If the system complains about not being able to display all of the fields for selection at once, ensure that at least the following are selected (see screenshot).  Then simply populate the DATATP (data type) and OUTPUTLEN (length) fields with the values you wish to filter on.  Then execute.

You’ll then see a screen (screenshot below) that contains all of the InfoObjects that are available to you.  If you look at the OBJVERS column you’ll see DM, or A listed.  Refer back to the BI content explanation at the top of this message to understand what each mean.  In a nutshell, if it’s in version A, it means it’s available for use in BW.  If it’s only showing up in D or M, you’ll need to activate via BI content.

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July 24, 2021

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